There are several gorges in Slovenia. They are all beautiful pieces of nature, with impressive waters.

Vintgar Gorge

Through this famous gorge, flows the Radovna River. It is 1.16 km long and light north of Lake Bled, on the edge of Triglav National Park. You walk from the entrance on wooden and stone footpaths, along the river. The river has a beautiful turquoise colour and it is so clear you can see the fish swimming.

The water is not suitable for swimming. It flows too fast and is cold. However, you can reach the water around some places. To do so, you have to climb over some rocks. Climbing the stones also makes it fun for the children, besides the beauty of the gorge.

At the end of the gorge is a waterfall. Some people think that the falling water at the dam is the waterfall, but this is not so. So when you get to the dam, walk on to see the real waterfall. There is a small kiosk here. At the bottom of the waterfall, you can swim in the water. To get here, a path leads down from the right side of the kiosk.

The gorge is incredibly touristy. So it can be very crowded. At the end, you can choose to walk a route further, but most people take the same path back. The paths are narrow, so when it is crowded, you regularly have to wait for oncoming traffic to pass.

Despite being so touristy, it really is a must-see in Slovenia.

Tolmin Gorges

In north-east Slovenia, in the Triglav national park, you will find the Tolmin and Zadlsascica gorges. However, the name Tolmin is often used for both gorges together. These gorges were created by the Tolminska River and together they are about 2 kilometres long. The river is clear and has a beautiful turquoise colour. The greenery around the river is very beautiful. If you want to hike here, you need hiking boots with good grip. The path is steep in some places with quite a few steps. Especially if it has rained, the paths can be slippery.

Starting point is in Zatolmin and you will pass several natural phenomena. One is a thermal heat source, where the water averages between 18 and 21°C. There is also a large stone stuck between the walls of the gorge, called ‘the bear’s head’. A beautiful waterfall can be seen behind the bear head.

If you want to go here with children, make sure they have good mobility. The steep path can be very challenging, but therefore fun.

Other Gorges

Mostnica Gorge
Soča Gorge
Mlinarica Gorge