Terms & Conditions

Obligations of the lessor. The lessor is obliged:

  • To make the accommodation available on time and in good condition, complete with inventory, regardless of whether or not the lessor is aware of any defects;
  • To have a proper buildings and contents insurance for the accommodation with inventory, also for the benefit of the hirer;
  • To ensure that the groundskeeper grants the hirer access to the grounds where the accommodation is located;
  • With sufficient instructions in advance for the use of the accommodation and accessories.

Obligations of tenant. The tenant is obliged:

  • To pay the rent and deposit owed, even if he does not use the accommodation or uses it for a shorter period;
  • To use the accommodation carefully, in accordance with its purpose;
  • To follow the lessor’s instructions;
  • Not to use or let the accommodation to others;
  • To ensure compliance with the regulations of the grounds or the house by the company to which the hirer belongs;
  • To return the accommodation on time and in the same condition as at the commencement of the rental period, except for normal wear and tear.

Cancellation of tenant

  • The tenant should preferably cancel by e-mail.
  • In case of cancellation, the hirer will owe the following cancellation fees:
    • Free cancellation till 3 months before start of the rental period.
    • 50% of total rental price till 1 month before start of the rental period.
    • 100% from one month before start of the rental period.
  • The landlord will try in all reasonableness to still rent out the accommodation for the same period or part thereof. If successful, the cancellation fee will be reduced proportionately. The landlord may deduct a fixed amount of € 25 and the necessary costs related to the cancellation.
  • In case of force majeure due to e.g. war, pandemics or weather conditions, the landlord and Sloveniavacation.eu is not obliged to refund already made payments. Under these circumstances the above mentioned cancellation conditions apply.


  • If one of the parties does not comply with his obligations, the other party has the right to rescind the contract in whole or in part. This is only different if the shortcoming is of such a special nature or small magnitude that dissolution is not justified. There is also a claim to compensation for any damages, unless the shortcoming cannot be attributed to the other party.
  • In the event of dissolution or partial dissolution due to a shortcoming on the part of the lessor, he will refund all or part of any rental and deposit paid. If the shortcoming is the failure to deliver the accommodation or to deliver it on time, the tenant is also entitled to 25% of the rental sum, without prejudice to the right to full compensation. If due to the landlord’s failure the vacation has been spoiled in whole or in part, the tenant is additionally entitled to compensation for this.
  • If the tenant vacates the accommodation later than agreed, the landlord is entitled to a proportional increase in the rent and compensation for further damage, unless the late vacating is not attributable to the tenant.

Costs during rental

  • The necessary costs of normal maintenance and repair shall be borne by the landlord. The tenant must contact and obtain permission from the landlord before ordering any maintenance or repair of the accommodation, unless this is impossible due to circumstances.
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred will only be made upon presentation of itemized bills.


  • In the event of any damage due to loss, theft, seizure and damage to the accommodation, the hirer will consult with the landlord, unless this is impossible due to circumstances.
  • The tenant will comply with the instructions of the landlord if possible.
  • The hirer is liable for the above-mentioned damage, unless it cannot be attributed to him or is covered by the current insurance for the stay, or should have been covered by virtue of this contract.