Explore Slovenia

Activities in Slovenia. What can you do or visit during your stay?

When you think of Slovenia, the word ‘green’ might come to mind. And rightly so! The country has impressive natural areas and beautiful views. If you love nature, Slovenia is perfect for you. We would like to tell you about the most beautiful areas of Slovenia!

In the north-west of Slovenia lie the Kamniške and Julian Alps. On the southern side of the Julian Alps and the northern border are mountain ranges such as the Trnovski gozd and the Karawanks.

The south and south-west of Slovenia is the so-called Karst region. This land is limestone, which care for many unusual phenomena, such as: dolinas, karsts, stalagmites and stalactites. Dolinas are recesses created by the collapse of underground passages. Carts are trenches of varying width and depth, carved into the limestone by water. Stalagmites and stalactites are pillars and stalactites created by erosion of the river beds what trickles down.

You will find a hilly landscape in the south-east and a flatter area in the east.