In total, some 321 lakes can be found in Slovenia. Quite a lot, in other words. Although, some are more like ponds in terms of surface area… We’d like to help you get some more information about some of the lakes.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is Slovenia’s best-known and most touristic lake. The lake is known for how fairytale-like it looks. This is because of the picturesque island, the castle overlooking the lake, blue water and the green mountains around it. You can sail, kayak and swim in the lake. You can walk around it, which gives you beautiful views. This walk is about 6 kilometres. On this walk, you will pass places where you can have a nice swim.

To get to the islet, you can rent a boat or join a pletna. This is not cheap, but it is a nice experience.

Despite being so touristy, it really is a must-see in Slovenia.

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Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is a little quieter than Lake Bled. The water is beautifully blue and the lake is surrounded by mountains. You can sail on the lake, as long as it is not a motorised vehicle. You can swim in it, and the water is even a bit warmer (or less cold…) than Lake Bled.

There are plenty of walks to do from the lake, and you can walk around the lake.

Other lakes

  • Jasna
  • Cerknica
  • Kreda
  • Planšarsko jezero
  • Lovrenška jezera