In Slovenia, you can find a lot of waterfalls. Not surprising, with all those mountains and the water flowing through them. There are more than 300 waterfalls in Slovenia. We won’t go through them all.

Savica Waterfall

Near Lake Bohinj you will find the beautiful Savica waterfall, which can only be reached on foot. A walk through an enchanting green landscape with beautiful views of the surrounding area. That nature in Slovenia would be beautiful, we expected. But so beautiful, that took us by surprise too. I am eager to show you some more of the country. Starting with the Savica waterfall. Walk with me through the Slovenian landscape to one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have seen in ages.

Hiking to the Savica Waterfall

From Lake Bohinj, you drive along a narrow road, one of those you hope you don’t meet oncoming traffic, through the woods to the starting point of the hiking trail to the Savica waterfall. Park your car or bike, buy a ticket and you are ready for a very nice hike.

Beautiful views
The hike to the Savica waterfall starts off right away. From minute 1, the path leads you up steep stairs. You will definitely get hot while walking. But the hard work is definitely rewarded. The surroundings are incredibly green and during the hike you will have several lookouts with amazing views of the green mountains with Lake Bohinj in the background.

The higher you get, the more beautiful the landscape becomes. Dense forests give way to green-covered white cliffs and in the background you start to hear the murmur of the waterfall. The moment you pass the final bend, an almost magical spectacle unfolds. The Savica waterfall is a picture for good reason. It is not spectacularly large or ferocious, but rather refined and fits perfectly into the landscape.

Good to know

  • Visiting the waterfall is not free. An entrance ticket costs €3 per person, which is actually a great price. In fact, for this money you get a beautiful hike and an almost priceless view of the waterfall.
  • From Lake Bohinj, it takes about 15 minutes to drive to the car park near the waterfall. This is the starting point of the hike.
  • We walked the hike to the Savica waterfall in about 20 minutes. The way up is steep, which makes the hike quite tough.
  • Leave your flip-flops at home and opt for a pair of trainers or trainers. Much more comfortable for this short hike. Hiking boots are of course also possible.

Kozjak waterfall

Not far from Kobarid, above the emerald green Soča River, there is a gorge of the Kozjak stream, where the 15-metre-high Kozjak Waterfall particularly stands out. This popular natural sight creates the image of a heavenly corner hidden from the everyday world by tall, dark walls, covered in limestone sediments, just like in the karstic caves.

An arranged footpath will lead you to the waterfall. In some places, it is complemented by small wooden bridges and ends with a terrace with a mystical view of the rocky amphitheatre with a green pool and a white beam of water.

The mysterious Kozjak waterfall, which is captured in a stony chamber, is according to many the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia.

The Kozjak Stream, which springs in several headwater sections high under Krnčica (2,142 m), flows through multiple pools and six waterfalls, of which only two are accessible to visitors: in addition to the Veliki Kozjak (Kozjak Waterfall), there is the slightly lower, 8-metre-high Mali Kozjak waterfall.

Kozjak Waterfall, the Protected Natural Area
The Kozjak Stream with waterfalls is a protected natural treasure. Even though the Kozjak Waterfall is an excellent destination for a walk in the hot summer days, because the steep walls preserve the pleasant coolness and slightly lower temperatures, the pool under the waterfall is not suitable for bathing. Help preserve the original experience of the Kozjak Waterfall for other visitors too and only choose bathing areas next to the Soča, Nadiža and Idrijca rivers for bathing.

Other waterfalls